Blog Articles from June 2011

Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Observing

Posted by Kieron McGrath - 16:43 on 26 June 2011
I was trying out the new DayStar SolaREDi Odyssey Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope today. There was a massive prominence on the North West limb of the Sun. It was arching over in a huge loop and was one of the best I have seen for a long time. Things are starting...

A Little Bit of History Part 4

Posted by Kieron McGrath - 15:57 on 23 June 2011
A few weeks later Alan called me and said "I have found a factory in Siberia that makes telescopes. How many do you want?" What I did not realise was that he meant, "How many 20 foot containers?". Now a container holds an awful lot of ...

Lunar Eclipse - Not

Posted by kieron McGrath - 19:07 on 16 June 2011
The great non event! The Lunar Eclipse was clouded out here in Wellington. No surprises there then - it happens all the time.Still, there's another one in December....

Total Lunar Eclipse

Posted by Kieron McGrath - 14:41 on 13 June 2011
There will be total eclipse of the Moon on the evening of the 15th June. The Moon will rise in the South East fully eclipsed at around 9.20pm BST. Totality ends at 11.03pm BST....

Astrophotography for Beginners Part 1

Posted by Kieron McGrath - 16:17 on 03 June 2011
With the increasing popularity of the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera we get many requests from beginning astronomers as to how they can take photographs with their camera and telescope.This blog will outline the basic techniques, and future bl...

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