A Little Bit of History Part 4

Posted by Kieron McGrath - 15:57 on 23 June 2011

A few weeks later Alan called me and said "I have found a factory in Siberia that makes telescopes. How many do you want?" What I did not realise was that he meant, "How many 20 foot containers?". Now a container holds an awful lot of telescopes, and at this stage we had no customers and nowhere to store the telescopes. Fortunately it was to take six months before the scopes were ready to ship, which gave us time to find a warehouse and to figure out how we were going to sell them!!

In December 1993 we received the very first Siberia 150 Newtonian Reflector. The following month we ran our first advert in Astronomy Now, and in February we attended AstroFest at Kensington Town Hall. We had a single stand and the one Siberia 150, and that was it. As it happened we sold the telescope on the Saturday which made it the most successfull AstroFest we ever did as we sold 100% of the stock we took along. Those were the days ....

In July that year we received a delivery of Siberia 110's, just in time for the Comet Schumacher-Levy impact with Jupiter. This was a massive boost to sales and we rapidly sold out of our stock. Fortunately there were more scopes on the way, which was just as well as Christmas was approaching. Our first full page, full colour advert appeared in the December issue of Astronomy Now, and sales went through the roof. SCS Astro was born.

Why SCS Astro people ask? When we started the business we were operating from home and still trading as Somerset Computer Services. Unfortunately when the phone rang we didn't know if the caller wanted computers or astro, so we started answering, SCS to avoid confusion. We ran Somerset Computer Services for another two years and then shut it down.

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