Orion AllSky Camera

Posted by Kieron McGrath - 19:08 on 04 October 2011

I intially set this camera up at the Equinox Star Camp in September where it turned out to be very effective. We placed the camera on the roof of my Transit Van to give a 360 degree view. The camera was attached to my laptop, located inside the van. Given that every night started off cloudy and the skies did not clear until 3am, I was able to stay inside the van with a heater on and watch the clouds roll back in warmth and comfort.

Two or three meteors were detected as well as aircraft con trails. Such is the field of view of this camera you can clearly see the major bright stars of each constellation, and it was amazing to watch Orion and Sirius rising from the eastern horizon.

I wasn't able to transmit a live broadcast as there is no wireless broadband out at the camping pitches.

I'll report again when I have the camera permanently mounted at Runnington Observatory.

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