Orion StarShoot AllSky Camera 2

Posted by Kieron McGrath - 15:23 on 19 December 2011

The Orion StarShoot AllSky Camera is now set up at Runnington Observatory (see picture).
I have it hooked up to a Video Monitor inside the observatory.
The camera is particularly useful for monitoring clouds while imaging. Previously I had to dash outside to see what the skiers were doing. Now I can stay indoors in the warm!!

I have tried uploading video to the internet using Night Skies Network (NSN), http://www.nightskiesnetwork.com/
This has not been so successful. The first time I tried was early on a Saturday morning. I encountered a few setup problems, but with help from a couple of online members I was able to broadcast some live images.
Later on that day I tried again, but could not get a connection.
Discussions with the network administrator, Jim Turner, indicated that the problem almost certainly lay with the upload speed of my broadband. Living in a rurual area means that we only have a slow broadband connection, and NSN requires a 1Mb upload speed to perform correctly. Unfortunately this will not happen until the South West adopts High Speed broadband, hopefully later this year.

I have not yet had chance to try out the meteor detection capability.

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