Stargazing Live 2

Posted by Kieron McGrath - 10:19 on 18 January 2012

Tuesday 17th January 2012.

Tonights Stargazing Live subject was Black Holes. This is one of those topics that excites a lot of public interest, but for amateur astronomers its a bit of a non event. Lets face it, you can't see one with your average backyard telescope!!

I thought the astrophysics behind black holes was covered well. All the right buzz words (Einstein, Hawking radiation etc) without being too technical. My wife, who is no astronomer or physysist, was comfortable with the explanations.

I was impressed with the public response to the "Find an exo planet" web site. By the end of the show Brian said that over half a million people had logged on. Hopefully this will lead to a boom in Citizen Science.

Again, my only critisism was the lack of telescope imagery. Something the BBC should look at next time. Especially after I loaned them an Orion StarShoot AllSky Camera!!

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