Baader Solar Continuum Filter.

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Baader Solar Continuum Filter.Baader Solar Continuum Filter.

Enhance The Visibility Of Solar
Granulation And Sunspot Details.

The new Baader Solar Continuum filter is designed to enhance the visibility of solar granulation and sunspot details. By transmitting a specific spectral region around 540nm,
free of emission and absorption lines, the Solar Continuum filter is able to boost contrast and
reduce the effects of atmospheric turbulence. With the Solar Continuum filter in place,
images snap to focus, and granulation becomes regularly visible. Details at the limit of
visibility become easier to hold, and image motion reduced.The Solar Continuum filter works well in all types of telescopes, for both visual and imaging.
Users of SCTs and achromatic refractors will find it particularly beneficial, as it completely
excludes the red and blue wavelengths, and centers on the peak visual wavelengths where
the telescope optics are sharpest and free from chromatic aberrations. For digital imaging,
we also recommend the Continuum filter be combined with our UV/IR Cut Filter (to
completely cut the defocused far infrared wavelengths).

The Solar Continuum filter also makes the perfect star test filter. It's narrow bandpass and
complete blockage of longer and shorter wavelengths make it superior to standard green
colored filters for testing refractors at their center design wavelength (and peak visual
wavelength). With this filter, more accurate appraisals of optical quality can be made, without the effects of spherochromatism or secondary color error. Due to the narrow 10nm
bandpass, star testing through the Solar Continuum filter will require a bright test star.

As with all Baader Planetarium Filters, the Solar Continuum possesses all the trademark
Baader filter qualities. Optical, Physical, and Mechanical quality are superb. Please Note: For safe use, the Solar Continuum filter must be used in conjunction with a primary solar filter (ie, Herschel Wedge Prism, or Baader AstroSolar Film). It must be placed after the primary filter, and cannot be used alone, or permanent eye and equipment damage will result.


Solar Continuum Filter 1.25" - £61.00
Solar Continuum Filter 2" - £98.00

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