Hutech IDAS NBN Filters


Hutech IDAS NBN FiltersHutech IDAS NBN Filters.

The IDAS Narrow Band Nebula Photo-Visual (NBN-PV) filter is a new filter design using the IDAS-unique Multi-Bandpass Technology (MBT). This allows the creation of a filter with very narrow passbands around both the H-Beta / O III emission lines, and the H-alpha / N II / S II
emission line groups. This combines the high contrast views of narrowband filters with the convenience (and economy) of covering all of the important nebula emission lines in a single filter. The resulting filter is great for visual use or monochrome imaging of emission nebulae.
A spectral plot of the filter batch is provided with each NBN filter. For special applications requiring isolation of the H-Beta or OIII sub-bands, consider the PassBand Modifier (PBM) filters. These are meant to be used in conjunction with an NBN filter or similar filter.

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Hutech IDAS NBN Filter PMBO 48.0£72.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Hutech IDAS NBN Filter PMBB 48.0£72.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.

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