i-Nova PLB-C2 CCD Camera Colour

M42 Optic SARL

i-Nova PLB-C2 CCD Camera Colour

* Sony Super HAD ICX204AK CCD sensor (1024 x 768 pixel array) with a very high quantum 
efficiency in the whole visible spectrum. 
* Ideally suited for lunar/solar high resolution imaging, and deepsky imaging, thanks to a very good 
sensitivity in the whole visible spectrum range, with a low electronic noise which allows long 
exposure times. 
* Provides 2x2 hardware binning (512 x 384) to get a 9.3µm square pixel to be able to detect a 
faint star for autoguiding. 
* C-mount thread (this standard allows users to take different kinds of adapters like 1.25” eyepiece holder, camera objective lens with step down ring). 

CMOS SensorSony Super HAD ICX204AK 1/3"
CCD Matrix (L*H)1024x788
Pixel size4.65µm x 4.65µm
Hardware binning 2x2Yes
Hardware ROI (region of interest)Yes
A/D converter 10/12 bit
Frame rate (8/12bit)Up to 24 FPS at full resolution 
Exposure timeFrom 0.1ms to infinity
Communication port For filter wheel control, focusing motors control, and telescope mount control (ASCOM V6) 
File formatBMP, AVI (8bit), FITS (8/16 bit) et SER (8/16bit) which can be read directly with main software like RegiStax V6.1, Avistacker V2, AutoStakkert V2 
ASCOMASCOM V6 Plugin available and tested with PHDGuiding V1.14, 
AstroArt V4 & V5, MaximDL V5, Prism and all softwares using ASCOM protocol 
Dimensions50 x 50 x 40mm
Weight170g (6 oz)

Under our own trademark I-Nova, we have designed a comprehensive range of cameras renowned for being innovative and high quality to do:

- Planetary imaging,

- Lunar / Solar imaging,

- DeepSky imaging,

- Visual enhancement*,

- Autoguiding.

We design our own cameras and we also develop our own software “PLxCapture” to fully exploit the potential of our cameras. This enables us to guarantee a fast and efficient support for hardware and software.

We are continually on the lookout for Innovation. In our software, we have developed a feature called “Visual enhancement” This feature is unique to i-Nova cameras. As it is always disappointing to look through a telescope without being able to see an image similar to those seen in astronomy magazines, we had the idea to develop a new feature “Visual enhancement” that performs image processing in real time and lets us show nice images of faint objects, with no need to be a specialist.

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