KiriAnne Instant Read Digital Thermometer


KiriAnne Instant Read Digital Thermometer

KiriAnne's Digital Thermometer Helps You Cook Your Food To Perfection - Every Time, With No Guesswork

* Whether you're a professional cook or chef, a griller, pit master or food smoker, a candy or jam maker, a beer brewer, or just someone who loves to entertain, this nifty little gadget is the ideal tool to help ensure that whatever you prepare is cooked to perfection.

* Just imagine - no more under-done chicken / pork, or burned beef - avoid a serious health risk and stop throwing away meat in the trash, because you'll know instantly what the internal temperature is.


* One AAA battery will last you for a long time, and even if you forget to switch the thermometer off, it will automatically shut itself down for you, extending your battery life still further.

* This also makes it easy to carry in your pocket or backpack, because the long, 4.25" probe folds out of the way.

Easy To Read

* The crystal clear digital read-out, which can display the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius at the touch of a button, can be used anywhere - on your patio, in your RV, or even when camping in the middle of nowhere.

Extensive Temperature Range

* You're able to display temperatures from -50 F up to 572 F (that's -50 C to 300 C), so it will cater to all your needs, regardless of what you're cooking.

Safety First

* You simply cannot afford to take chances these days, with food allergies and chronic illnesses on the rise, so why risk undercooked food that can cause life-threatening problems when a simple solution is at your fingertips?

Our Guarantee

Don't forget our company offers a 100% money-back, life-time guarantee, so get your KiriAnne Digital Thermometer today and never worry about badly cooked food again.

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