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Orion 180mm Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA

Our Biggest Mak Takes Resolution to the Next Level!

Spring Sale: Was £1191. Sale Price £899. Save £292

Looking for something to satisfy your appetite for power? Try a big Mak! For the most demanding enthusiast, our new 180mm Mak sets a new standard for superb planetary performance in a remarkably compact design. With 7.1" of aperture and that long focal length Mak aficionados love, you'll get tack-sharp, high-contrast views and clearly defined photos with subtle detail.

The reason for the outstanding high-power performance is the 180mm (7.1") optical system with its 2,700mm focal length (f/15). With 44% more light grasp than the 150mm Mak, you'll get brighter images and better resolution. And the Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design produces larger images with less eyepiece magnification than other scopes. It's the perfect combination of brightness, contrast, and definition for planets, close double-stars, clusters, and well-defined deep-sky targets.

No other optical design can deliver such potent optical specifications in a package that measures just 22" long and weighs in just under 16 lbs. The meniscus lens is fully multicoated for maximum light transmission, further enhancing the bright, well-defined images.

The visual back accepts 1.25" eyepieces and accessories, and a dovetail bracket on the rear cell accepts any Orion finder scope or EZ Finder. The dovetail rail on the underside of the tube attaches to your Orion SkyView Pro, Sirius, or Atlas mount, so you can swap out optical tubes in the field for more productive evenings of observation and imaging. Attach an Orion StarShoot Solar System or Deep-Space CCD Color Imaging Camera and you'll capture gorgeous high-resolution color images on your PC!

Power, versatility, portability - if you're a serious big Mak fan then this one is for you!

FREE Starry Night Software with Telescope Purchase. Click link for details: www.scsastro.co.uk/userfiles/file/Orion%20Starry%20Night%20Spec%20Sheet.pdf

Spring Sale: Was £1191. Sale Price £899. Save £292

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