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Orion Apex 102 Compact Mak TelescopeOrion Apex 102 Compact Mak Telescope

The Compact Mak - A Scope For All Reasons.

Imagine a telescope so small you can tuck it into a daypack or store it on a bookshelf, yet so
powerful that it has the magnification and light-gathering capability of traditional scopes five
times its size . . . Imagine a telescope equally at home looking an eagle in the eye or
revealing the cloud bands of Jupiter . . . Imagine a telescope made the old-fashioned way, of
enameled aluminum and precision optical glass, instead of plastic. And imagine that these
telescope are incredibly competitively priced. As you can imagine, we've got it. The Apex
102mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, only from Orion.One look at it and you immediately appreciate its abbreviated simplicity and quality details.
But the proof of any great telescope is in the viewing. And one look through our Apex 102
telescope will prove that it's as long on optical excellence as it is short in profile. A serious
instrument, only incredibly portable. Big Aperture Mak-Cass Optics.

The secret is in the light-folding Maksutov-Cassegrain design. It permits large-diameter
optics - 102mm - to be housed in an unusually compact, wonderfully portable tube. As a
spotting scope, the Apex 102 gathers more light than typical field scopes (often costing
several times more). The 6x26 correct-image finder scope on the Apex 102 is equipped with
a quick-release, aluminum dovetail bracket with easy X-Y alignment thumbscrews, serving up brighter, more highly resolved images even in the dimmest of lighting conditions.
Multi-coatings applied to the curved front lens guarantee the highest possible light
transmission.For astronomy, the Apex telescope exhibits all the performance of classic long-tube 102mm refractors, and easily outperforms smaller refractors on views of the planets and Moon as well as on faint nebulas and star clusters. Its long focal length allows high-power study of Jupiter's cloud belts and Red Spot, and Saturn's rings, and provides long reach for capturing distant terrestrial targets.

What's more, Apex telescopes accept standard 1.25" telescope eyepieces for nearly unlimited magnification options.Speaking of accessories, the Apex 102 comes with a multi-coated 25mm Sirius Plössl eyepiece (1.25") and a 45° diagonal that provides a correctly-oriented field of view. As does the 6x26 correct-image finder scope, which makes locating objects a cinch. The finder scope is held in a quick-release dovetail bracket for easy assembly and disassembly. And here's something special: we also include a rugged, fully padded carrying case to protect your instrument. It's got hand and shoulder straps and ample pockets for accessories.

The scope easily pops on and off a telescope mount or camera tripod with the built-in 1/4"-20 adapter plate. And it doubles as a high-power telephoto lens for photography, too. Just mount a 35mm camera body (with optional T-ring) tothe T-threads on the eyepiece holder and you're all set! Imagine, a telescope that's this versatile, this powerful, this portable. And on top of all that, this competitively priced! It's here, in the Apex 102mm Maksutov-Cassegrain.

Its 102mm-diameter (4") optics collect 28% more light than the 90mm version, for better
low-light daytime and under-the-stars performance. Tube length including eyepiece holder,
11-3/4". Focal length, 1300mm (f/12.7). Fully multi-coated meniscus lens. Included 25mm
Sirius Plössl eyepiece provides 52x magnification. Includes 6x26 finder scope and 45°
correct-image diagonal.
Weighs 4 lbs., 13 oz.

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