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Orion Collimating Eyepiece Orion Collimating Eyepiece

Essential for Quick, Precise Optical Collimation. Sky & Night Winning Collimator.

This simple tool is invaluable for aligning, or collimating, the optics of Newtonian and Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, particularly "fast" Newtonians (f/6 or lower), for which precise collimation is most critical. Only when a telescope is in proper collimation will it perform to its full potential. Most collimation procedures recommend a "sight tube" as an aid in the collimation procedure.

The Orion Collimating Eyepiece is an improved variation, a combination sight tube and Cheshire eyepiece. It consists of a 5" long tube made of thick black-anodized aluminium, machined to fit snugly in a 1¼" eyepiece holder of focuser. It has a peephole in the top end and two perpendicular wire crosshairs in the bottom end that allow precise centering of optical components. One side of the aluminium tube is cut away, revealing a polished 45º surface, which projects an annulus of light into the optical path that facilitates primary mirror alignment. You simply insert the Collimating Eyepiece in the focuser drawtube and follow normal collimation steps, and your telescope will always be in perfect optical alignment! Instructions included.

Winner of the Sky & Night Magazine Collimator Review - May 2007 Issue.


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