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Orion Dew ZapperOrion Dew Zapper

Keeps Dew Off Your Scope's Corrector

With Orion's Dew Zapper, you'll never have to stop observing to remove condensation from the front
plate of your Schmidt-Cassegrain or Maksutov-Cassegrain. An unprotected corrector lens will radiate heat, quickly cooling to below ambient air
temperature, allowing dew to form. Dew Zapper gently replaces lost heat, bringing the
temperature of the corrector lens back above the dew point. Dew can't form, and you never
get "heat wave" disturbances like those caused by warm-air blowers and heated dew caps.The flexible, fiberglass-reinforced heating element straps securely in place with a Velcro fastener.Runs on 12-volt DC power. Plugs into a car cigarette-lighter receptacle or a "field battery," delivering up to 20 watts, 2 amps. All models include a 10' cable.

5" Dew Zapper
Fits Starmax 127, Apex 127, Celestron C5, NexStar 5 and Meade ETX-125. 

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Orion Dew Zapper 5" 3515£35.00
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