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Orion DSLR Camera Cooler

•Improve your DSLR astrophotography results with this "cold box" for your camera
•Chills your DSLR camera's imaging sensor to significantly reduce unwanted thermal noise, resulting in all-around better images
•Insulated and thermoelectrically cooled chamber chills your camera up to -43°F from the ambient temperature
•Requires no camera modification - use your DSLR to take pictures of the family during the day, and of the cosmos at night!
•Compatible with Canon 1100D (T3), 550D (T2i), 500D (T1i), 1000D (XS), 450D (XSi), 400D (XTi), and 350D (XT) DSLR cameras only

The Orion DSLR Camera Cooler is literally the coolest DSLR astrophotography accessory to come along in years. Orion is pleased to introduce the first commercially produced, affordable "cold box" for select Canon DSLR cameras. This insulated, thermoelectrically cooled chamber chills the camera’s imaging sensor, significantly reducing troublesome thermal noise in your astrophotos. When you’re imaging the night sky in warm or hot weather, especially, such noise can wreak havoc on deep-sky images. Now, here’s a practical solution.

Unlike many specialized astronomical CCD cameras, DSLRs do not have an internal cooling system. The Orion DSLR Camera Cooler acts as an “external” cooling system, featuring a 51-watt Peltier cooler that lowers the temperature inside the sealed chamber up to -43°F (-24°C) from ambient. And it works fast, achieving a temperature delta of -30°F or more in just 30 minutes. As the “before and after” dark frames demonstrate below, the DSLR Camera Cooler significantly reduces unwanted noise. This noise reduction allows longer exposures, fewer dark frames, and less work in post-processing, resulting in smoother, more highly resolved, better images.

Unlike direct-cooling Peltier installations that permanently alter your camera (and void your manufacturer’s warranty), the DSLR Cooler requires no camera modification. This means you can still use your Canon DSLR to take regular pictures when you aren’t using it for astrophotographic purposes with a telescope.

The DSLR Camera Cooler is compatible only with select Canon EOS cameras widely used by astrophotographers: 1100D (T3), 550D (T2i), 500D (T1i), 1000D (XS), 450D (XSi), 400D (XTi), and 350D (XT).

The Orion DSLR Cooler runs on external 12V power and draws 3.7-4 amps, so we recommend using a marine-type battery of at least 30 amp-hours capacity or AC power via an optional AC-to-12V DC power adapter rated at 4 amps or more. A DC auto-lighter cable is included.

Weighs 2 lbs., 7 oz.

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