Orion Focal Reducer-Corrector 0.85x for ED80 Telescope 5195

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Orion Focal Reducer-Corrector for ED80 Telescope

Allow Shorter Exposure Times and Produce Brighter Images.

•Designed for use with the Orion 80mm ED Apochromatic refractor optical tube (not compatible with the EON 80ED)
•Two-element lens assembly with one element made from ED glass
•Use with DSLR cameras with chips as large as 36mm x 24mm
•Reduces the effective focal length from 600mm to 510mm (f/7.5 to f/6.3)
•Fully multi-coated optics (all air-to-glass surfaces are multi-layer coated)
•Provides critical 55mm distance from optics to sensor
•Threads onto focuser drawtube for a highly secure fit
•Requires "wide" (48mm) T-ring for your camera

No need to plunk down thousands of dollars for a portable apochromatic refractor. Just choose Orion's 80mm ED at well under $1000 — and choose the new .085x reducer-flattener designed to couple with it for shorter exposure times and brighter images.

It's the easy way to get better images from your Orion 80mm ED Apo Refractor telescope. The new Reducer-Flattener reduces the effective focal length to create shorter exposure times that result in better, brighter images.

This is designed exclusively for use with the 80mm ED and optimized for photography with DSLR cameras. The reducer-flattener features three-element optical assembly and is fully multicoated.

The Reducer-Corrector threads onto the focuser drawtube's male threads for a secure fit that will not introduce flexure. T-threads on the camera side accept your camera's T-ring. You will need a "wide" T-ring for your brand of camera, sold separately.

This is a 'must-have' accessory for quality astrophotography with Orion's ED80. Great for daytime terrestrial photography also!

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