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Orion SkyGlow Imaging FiltersOrion SkyGlow Imaging Filters.

Shoot Dazzling Deep-Sky Pics From Light-
Polluted Skies.

Specialized filter designed for deep-sky imaging in light polluted skies with CCD or DSLR
Suppresses up to 99% transmission of specific wavelengths responsible for light pollution
Enhances contrast of all types of deep-sky objects: galaxies, nebulas, and star clusters
Preserves neutral color balance, eliminating need for corrective color processing later
Enables longer exposure times without background saturation due to sky glow.

ItemPriceTelephone 07496 368981
Orion SkyGlow Imaging Filter 1.25" 5559£89.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.

Telephone 07496 368981

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