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Mirror and Prism Star Diagonals.

Prism Star Diagonals: These precision 90º diagonals feature fully coated prisms, delivering superior image fidelity. Housings are black-anodized aluminium with thumbscrew to secure the eyepiece in place. Each diagonal, except for the correct image model, produces an image that's right-side up and reversed left to right.

#8763 - 1.25" Prism Star Diagonal

#8787 - 1.25" Correct Image Star Diagonal. This fully coated 90º diagonal yields correctly oriented images (right-side up and nonreversed). Its perfect for terrestrial observers who want the convenience of right-angle viewing, or for amateur astronomers who want a view that matches the orientation of a star chart. Requires no extra focus travel.

#7216 - Correct-Image 45º Diagonals: For terrestrial observing or for astronomical use where a 45º eyepiece angle is desired. Image appears upright and left-to-right correct. Fully coated prism surfaces. Requires 5/8" more focus travel than typical star diagonals.

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Orion Star Diagonal 1.25" Prism 8763£26.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Orion Star Diagonal 1.25" Correct Image 8787£33.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Orion Star Diagonal 1.25" 45º Correct Image 7216£27.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.

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