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Orion StarShoot 3MP Planetary Imager & AutoGuider

•Take your own pictures of the Moon and bright planets through a telescope with this high-resolution 3.1 megapixel imaging camera
•Large 1/2" format CMOS sensor is bigger than many competing planetary cameras for a larger field of view
•This camera can bin in 2x2 mode in full color at 1024x768, which is an ideal setting for efficient imaging of bright planets like Mars, Jupiter and Saturn
•Capable of acquiring over 60 frames per second (fps) when subframing to catch fleeting events such as occulations, eclipses, and more
•Can also perform as a dedicated Autoguider with a built-in ST-4 output, ASCOM compatible

Capture stunning astrophotos of objects in our solar system with our 3.1 megapixel color imaging camera!

The Orion StarShoot 3MP Planetary Imager & AutoGuider is one of the highest resolution color planetary imagers available today, capable of acquiring gorgeous astrophotos of our nearest neighbors in the night sky including the Moon and planets. You can even take great astrophotos of the Sun with this imaging camera through a solar filter-equipped telescope.

With top-notch features such as subframe downloading, 8 bit A/D conversion, and a super-fast frame rate of more than 60 fps when subframing, the Orion StarShoot 3MP Planetary Imager & AutoGuider can catch even the most short-lived planetary events such as occultations, eclipses, and transits with ease. Its ability to bin in 2x2 mode in full color at 1024x768 is ideal for planetary imaging, while 1x1 mode at 2048x1536 will provide mega-high resolution of the Moon or terrestrial targets. The imager is built around the highly sensitive Micron MT9T001 ½” format CMOS sensor which is much larger than chips used in most other planetary cameras. This big chip provides a larger field of view which is ideal for capturing astrophotos of the entire Moon, or to frame multiple solar system targets in one shot. The StarShoot 3MP Planetary Imager & AutoGuider’s large sensor features square 3.2µm x 3.2 µm pixels for excellent performance. You can alter the camera’s exposure time from 0.01 seconds to 5 seconds to match your imaging goals. A 10’ USB cable is included, as is a removable 1.25” nosepiece barrel, and a custom hard carry case to keep everything safe and secure.

Complete Orion PlanCap imaging software is included, making it easy to capture and process astrophotos. Orion PlanCap software also makes it easy to export images to RegiStax and share with fellow imagers. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Since the StarShoot 3MP Planetary Imager & AutoGuider is ASCOM compatible, you can also use popular astrophotography processing programs such as Nebulosity, MaxIm DL, and many others, if preferred.

As its name implies, this versatile color imager can also be used as a dedicated Autoguider to optimize tracking accuracy of your astrophotography setup. An on-board ST-4 output jack on the Orion StarShoot 3MP Planetary Imager & AutoGuider body makes it easy to optimize the accuracy of your imaging pursuits.

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