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Orion UltraBlock Narrowband FilterOrion UltraBlock Narrowband Filter.

Dramatically Improves Views of Emission
and Planetary Nebulas.
Sky at Night Magazine Group Test Winner
April 2009.

If you observe from highly light-pollluted sites, or if you want the maximum contrast enhancement in observing faint emission nebulas from areas of moderate light pollution, an Orion UltraBlock filter is for you.

With an UltraBlock, emission and planetary nebulas are even visible from urban areas, where they are completely invisible without a filter! In darker sky locations with only moderate light pollution, many objects will appear significantly enhanced over unfiltered and wideband filtered views.UltraBlock Filters block all forms of light pollution, including both narrowband mercury and sodium vapour lighting and broadband light pollution sources. UltraBlock Filters reject pollution from incandescent and flourescent lighting, which wideband filters can't stop. Extremely high (99%) blocking of critical mercury and sodium emission bands and very high transmission of hydrogen-beta and ionized oxygen wavelengths result in the highest contrast gain of any competing light pollution filter.

A User's Report:
"The Orion UltraBlock Filter was a real surprise for this observer. It of course reduces the
brightness of stars, and diminishes the image of globular clusters, but the resultant black sky
background is astonishing. On my first try of the UltarBlock, I observed the Orion Nebula
rising just above my roof early one evening. The entire sky was pink to the naked eye, and
hardly any background stars were visible in the telescope; the nebula was a washed out and
vague caricature of the stunning sight that it is in a desert sky.
In went the UltraBlock, and suddenly the faint tendrils of glowing clouds were visible, against
a velvety deep-black background! I turned the telescope to the Pleiades, and the UltraBlock
unmistakbly bought out the nebulosity around several of the brightest stars - in a 4"
In a few moments I had found the vague cloud of M1, which I have never been able to see
from my urban yard.
Before using the UltraBlock, I had felt that my front yard was suitable only for planetary
observing; now that I'm hooked on the UltraBlock, I spot a new Messier object within minutes each time I take out my telescope."

Not suitable for Astrophotography.

Sky at Night Magazine Group Test Winner April 2009.

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Orion UltraBlock Filter 2" 5657£101.00
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