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Orion Ultrascopic Ultra Eyepieces Orion Ultrascopic Ultra Eyepieces

Ultrasopic High Performance Eyepieces.

These fantastic 1¼" diameter eyepieces feature lens elements manufactured to exact tolerances and to a higher degree of polish than competitive models. They are state-of-the-art 5 or 7 element designs using modern high-refractive glasses, resulting in flat-field images that are superior to those of simpler 4-element Plossl and Orthoscopic designs. The wide 52º apparent field of view is a joy to behold.

While some manufacturers' "fully multi-coated" eyepieces have a single layer of magnesium flouride on most lens surfaces and multi-coatings only on the outer exposed surfaces, this is not the case with these eyepieces. They are Ultra Multi-Coated, which means that every air-to-glass lens surface is vacuum coated with multiple layers of antireflective material. Ultra Multi-Coating is the highest level of multi-coating there is. The superior coatings dramatically improve both brightness and contrast, increasing the visibility of faint nebulas, planetary details, anything you view with your telescope. A low reflection barrel design with blackened lens edges provides a significant increase in contrast and a reduction of stray reflections. Each Ultrascopic is parfocal, so you need only minimal refocusing when switching powers in the series (except for the 35mm, optimised for the widest possible field in its 1¼" barrel). Standard filter threading is provided for the entire series. Winged rubber eyeguards block stray light and maximise comfort.


ItemPriceTelephone 07496 368981
Orion Ultrascopic 20mm Eyepiece 8566£61.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.
Orion Ultrascopic 5mm Eyepiece 8574£68.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.

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