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Tele Vue Barlow Lenses Tele Vue Barlow Lenses.

Range of Barlow Lenses Offering Superb Optical Quality.

Properly designed Barlows do wonderful things. First, they amplify power while retaining the eyepiece's eye-relief. Second, they slow the telescopes f number, which improves eyepiece sharpness. Third, the designer can introduce compensations for eyepiece abberations.

Tele Vue's 2" 2x BIG Barlow, 1¼" 2x and 3x Barlows were envisioned as magnification windows. Multi-coated high index glasses assure optimum abberation correction, exceptional contrast and virtually no light loss. Tele Vue Barlows achieve their design goals even when tested by the fastest scopes. They even improve our competitor's eyepieces and telescopes!

For eyeglass wearers, the Big Barlow is perfect for doubling power while retaining the eye-relief of 2" Tele Vue eyepieces such as the 55mm Plossl, 35mm and 27mm Panoptics (requires use of Panoptic Barlow Interface) and 20mm Nagler Type 2.

Our design approach includes mechanical conveniences. The Barlows are parfocal with our eyepieces and the BIG Barlow includes a parfocal 2"-1¼" adapter. The BIG Barlow is threaded for 48mm filters and has a captive lock screw. Both 1¼" Barlows are threaded for 1¼" filters.

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Tele Vue 2x 1.25" Barlow BLW-2125£103.00
Delivery to mainland UK only.

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